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Updated: Apr 13

One of the best things we can do for animals: learn more about them On the spectrum of things to know more about: humans haven’t actually spent that much time learning about animals —maybe particularly those we spend the most time with —dogs and cats! 

For a long time, it wasn’t considered scientifically interesting to study “domestic” dogs. That’s changing! And what we know about cats has lagged even further behind (but what we are learning is fascinating).  I am an extremely bookish, nerdy, geeky person who loves to know more! I’ve spent the past six years diving into applied animal behavior, how animals learn, what we know about dogs and cats, and how to make the animals in our lives happier.  One thing I’ve learned is that a lot of what we learned as children was wrong and that a lot of what you can find easily on the Internet is bunk (shocking, I know!).  So, you don’t need to go on a bookish deep-dive to care for and love your animal companion—but I’m here as your guide to point you to some great resources if you are interested, whether that’s books, videos, podcasts, or blog articles. I’ll find and share the best tips with you (it’s my passion!). 

Some resources to get you started:

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These are fantastic. And you included Links. Thank you!

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