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A montage of a woman training a puppy-sitting with treats, a medium-sized dog sitting and looking at a ball, and a large dog jumping up on purpose and a woman with a happy expression.

Dog Day Training

Hire an expert trainer to help your dog get a jump-start on learning. Our trainer will visit your dog in your home and start the training (while you work or relax!). Then, we'll schedule time with you to show you what your dog is practicing and help you keep their skills up. Great for busy dog families! 

Day Training Packages

Homeschooling for dogs

After an engaging dog training session, many dogs are ready to relax. They are tired out after working on learning. Dogs who are on anti-anxiety medicine benefit from confidence-building training as part of their treatment plan.

Training helps your dog feel more confident, at ease, playful, and safe and teaches them skills they can use in daily life to make your lives together better.

We'll work on the skills you'd like your dog to know. Some examples: 

  • Reduce behaviors like barking and pulling toward new people and dogs and learn to walk calmly by or engage in a short training session

  • Reduce jumpy/mouthy behaviors. Learn to greet politely, or disengage

  • Settle while you are working, eating dinner, or engaged in another activity

  • Gain confidence-building skills and reduce fear and anxiety

  • Come when called (when it’s hard, in distracting places)

  • Gain comfort with scary activities such as nail trims, vet visits, or car rides

Four-week, three times a week, dog day training package includes:

  • Consult and customized training plan to match your goals

  • Twelve sessions, three times a week with the expert trainer and your dog 

  • Three 1:1 private coaching lessons. You learn how to keep your dog's skills sharp and get your behavior questions answered.

  • Two follow-up sessions to make sure the training is sticking!

Total cost: $3,200

Depending on your needs, we may be able to train twice a week or do a three-week package for $2,500.


Available in North Everett, West Snohomish County, and North King County.

Out of service area, a travel fee may apply.

Our Clients Say

Two large-breed dogs with floppy ears sitting and looking happy, open-mouths and soft eyes.
"I now have two beautiful companion dogs who listen to me, walk peacefully around the neighborhood, respond in situations where there are distractions, and we are enjoying each other very much. Thank you, Shel!"

Kathy S.

Book An Initial Consult

Get started with an expert trainer and coach and start having more fun (and less stress) with your dog!

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