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A woman nose-to-nose with a small dog.

About Shel Graves Animal Consulting

 Shel Graves Animal Consulting uses positive reinforcement training to help animals (dogs, cat, humans, and all) be relaxed, confident, playful, and safe together.  We provide day training and coaching services to help families resolve troublesome behaviors. We have a heart for shelter and rescue animals as well as senior dogs and cats. When animals have experienced the worst humans can be, we show them the best -- and watch them blossom! We are there for difficult transitions and conversations including end of life and grief counseling.

In person: serving North Everett, West Snohomish County
Outside of service, area travel fee may apply.

Virtual consults: available anywhere

Shel Graves

Certified, Experienced, Ordained

Shel has seven years of shelter and rescue experience working with traumatized animals and working to strengthen the human-animal bond.

In addition, Shel is an Ordained Animal Chaplain through the Compassion Consortium (an interfaith, interspiritual, and interspecies center).

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A woman sitting in a relaxed posture with one hand placed on a large dog who is looking up at her adoringly.

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