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Updated: Apr 13

There are times we could all use some extra support. You may be struggling with a difficult dog or cat behavior.  It could be a dog who is too enthusiastic — jumping up, destructive, mouthy — or too unsure —reluctant to walk or reactive and fearful. It could be a cat who is having litterbox issues, yowling, or fearful. It may be dogs and cats who aren’t getting along.

We can help. Shel Graves Animal Consulting can help bring harmony to your household. Let’s get you closer to that dream of everyone cuddling together on the couch.

I am also here to help you with difficult decisions and conversations. You may be considering rehoming or behavioral euthanasia. I know how difficult these times can be and am here to help you with expertise, resources, and compassionate listening. 

I have a heart for rescue and foster and can also help you with training and behavior plans to get dogs and cats ready for adoption.

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