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Fun Activities With Your Cat: Splurge Edition

Here are some fun spends to help keep your cat happy and engaged–a DIY version of some simple and inexpensive games will be coming soon.

These are some of my favorite items. Of course, take your own cat’s individual preferences and safety needs into account when choosing splurges for them!

Please share your favorite splurges for cat in the comments! Mary Shelley would love to benefit from your additional suggestions!

Slow feeders, puzzle feeders and treat dispensing toys 

Feeding meals in a bowl is boring. Cats love to stalk and hunt. A bored cat will find other ways to entertain themselves which may not be to your taste. So, why not get the jump on your cat and offer them some fun activities. Puzzle feeders may not be right for all cats at all times of their life, but they are a good bet for many. Here are some favorites:

Catit has lots of great options including the Catit Senses 2.0 Digger.

LickiMats for spreading wet food

PetSafe Egg-cersizer interactive toy

Play With Your Cat items

Wand toys are a must and the splurge version is GoCat's Da Bird.

Kick sticks are another must and Kong makes a nice one, the Kickeroo.

Adorable cat with catnip on his head.

Enhance Their Environment

Consider all of your cats senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch when looking for ways to make their life more fun. Here are some splurge items:

Churu! Cats may enjoy a variety of treats, but the splurge item and a go-to for teaching your cat to enjoy their crate and enjoy handling and grooming is Inaba Churu.

More than catnip: Not every cat enjoys catnip (it's a genetic trait) but it's a fun option for those who do. Other scents to try include silvervine and tatarian honeysuckle. Meowjiuana makes some nice blends which include other cat safe scents including valerian and chamomile.

Come With Me Kitty: Teaching your cat to enjoy walking outside is a great gift. Of course, the teachign part is key, going slowly so that your cat learns to enjoy the harness and activity and doesn't get scared by it. The PetSafe Come With Me Kitty Harness is a nice option (the bungie cord prevents that tight pull that can make cats nervous and feel restrained).

A nice bed/carrier/car seat: Teaching your cat to enjoy their carrier is a must. It's a big splurge but the SleepyPod brand functions as a carrier, bed, and car seat. So it works for all of those training needs: teaching your cat to enjoy the carrier and car rides in preparation for vet visits. SleepyPod makes a nice cat harness as well

A bonded pair of cats enjoying a comfy cat tree together.

Cat trees, fountains, scratchers, and catios: These are nice splurge options and there are so many kind to suit your cat and your home. This is the most ridiculous item I've ever purchased for Mary Shelley, but I can't regret it. She's so cute in there and loves it!

Share your favorites in the comments!


Again, being bookish, I don't really count books as splurges, but no list is complete without them. Here are a few favorites that will be fun for both you and your cat.

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