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Hey, Vegans! Are you looking for a vegan dog trainer and animal behavior consultant?

Updated: Apr 17

Are you looking for a trainer and behavior consultant who understands your vegan ethics? Here I am! 

I’ve been vegan for the animals (as well as for health and all of the other reasons) for 15 years. 

While your companion animal may not be vegan or may be vegan-ish, I will honor your ethics while we work together without judgment. 

Even as vegans we may not agree about everything, but one thing I am sure of —the world does not have enough people who care about animals.

We need to work with the people who do —and support each other.

I encourage you to check out my Happiness Plans —these are for people who just love their animal and want them to live their best life. I’ll share what I’ve learned working closely with dogs and cats for the past seven years. 

Probably you have adopted a rescue friend. If they have some troubling behaviors or trauma to overcome, I am here for this, too. That’s my Support Plans or Day Training.

Are you involved in rescue work or fostering? I am available to do behavior consults.

Absolutely, please consider me when your friend is dealing with medical issue, aging, or approaching end of life. I am here to support you and your animal companions with compassion.

As an animal chaplain, I am available to help with multi-species concerns and help process grief and find resources for sadness about farmed animals, wildlife, and any animals you’ve seen injured out in the world. 

No life is too little. No relationship too short to be honored.

I appreciate and honor your empathy with and connection with our world.

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