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Shel Graves Animal Consulting

Expertise, support, and encouragement to help you do your best for the animals in your care. 

Dog training | Cat consulting | Multi-species care

At Shel Graves Animal Consulting, we want all animals (including humans!) to feel relaxed, confident, playful, and safe together. We provide in-home day training and online consults. We have a special heart for rescue and foster animals as well as senior dogs and cats. With compassionate listening and practical advice, we support you through difficult conversations and decisions. We can be part of your animal's hospice care team at end-of-life.

We provide:

  • training for happiness

  • behavior consulting to support you

  • animal chaplaincy to offer compassion

A happy dog trainer rewarding a happy pitbull.

Shel Graves

Certified, Experienced, Ordained

Shel Graves, CTC, UW-AAB, has seven years of shelter and rescue experience working with traumatized animals and working to strengthen the human-animal bond. She is a trainer, behaviorist, and animal chaplain.

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Whether you are interested in training for happiness to set up a new dog in your home, support to help with a troublesome behavior and build a better life with your friend, animal chaplaincy for compassion at end-of-life, or if you are unsure what you need: 

All services start with the initial consultation.

A happy, open-mouthed small breed dog with paw outstretched.

1. Start Here: Initial Consult

All services start with an initial consult via a phone or Zoom call. You receive: an individualized action plan, practical tips for immediate relief, vetted resources specific to your needs, qualified referrals if necessary, and a compassionate discussion of your experience.

A dog and cat silhouette touching noses in a heart-shape. The Shel Graves Animal Consulting logo.

2. Begin a Support Plan

After the initial consult, book a support plan to receive ongoing help including email support and access to office hours. We'll schedule your first in-home visit or a virtual consult to discuss your needs in detail.

A happy, open-mouthed medium breed dog with floppy ears in the forest.

3. Choose a Four-Week
Dog Day Training Package 

Choose a dog day training package or Shel Graves Animal Consulting will recommend a customized package for private training lessons or virtual consults. The fees from the initial consult and support plan will be applied to any package.

  • Let's get started doing our best for you and the animals in your life.

    30 min

    100 US dollars



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