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What is a Culture of Compassion?

Updated: Apr 16

Shel Graves Animal Consulting offers day training, behavior consults, and grief counseling (animal chaplaincy). I’m motivated by big ideas, however, and there’s a big idea behind Shel Graves Animal Consulting. 

It’s that we need to create a Culture of Compassion. 

Why can animals be treated so cruelly or be so completely disregarded in our culture and society?

It’s because we live and work within many systems of oppression. These systems of oppression are what create, allow, and perpetuate all of the “isms” (racism, sexism, ableism, ageism) that allow for a framework where people can be othered and treated cruelly or completely disregarded.

No matter how much we love animals, systems of oppression will always cause suffering.

To counter this, we need to actively work to create systems which support compassion and a culture of compassion. I will be talking more about this big idea —and sharing resources to learn more.

But what does this mean to you, if you are here for training, behavior consulting, or grief work?

It means that Shel Graves Animal Consulting is committed to actively engaging in compassion for you and your animal as we work together. 

My approach is about relationship-building, collaboration, growth and learning, and respect for individuals and differences. I think you’ll appreciate it both for yourself and for your animal friends!

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