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Updated: Apr 13

This is a picture of my auntie with her beloved dog Izzy. My aunt and Izzy did everything together. Izzy loved daily walks and Chuck-It sessions.

It was hard for my aunt when Izzy died --and still is. We don't get over grief we journey along with it.

I have had a number --about nine as an adult--of senior dogs and cats. I love seniors. They are spunky, affectionate, and appreciative. They are great rescue dogs and cats --you know what you are getting personality-wise and it feels great to give them a wonderful end of life.

But it is hard. There are medical issues. There are tough end-of-life decisions. There is grief and loss.

I am always amazed at how small these beings are and, at the same time, how much of my heart they encompass. And how much of my life, time, and emotional energy is devoted to them, so that when they are no longer there...well, it's a BIG loss.

That's something not everyone understands and as a society there's not a lot of recognition of this or support for it.

That's why animal chaplaincy and animal hospice and palliative care means a lot to me.

You may be experiencing grief, loss, or a difficult transition whether from death of a friend or while watching your friend transition to end of life. Or, maybe you would like help for your animal who is going through this for another animal friend or transitioning to a new home. 

Shel Graves Animal Consulting can help you or the animals in your home process grief.

Talk with an animal chaplain for interfaith, interspiritual, and interspecies help.

We help animals thrive while living, transition with dignity, and help animal lovers move through grief and loss. You may be feeling like you cannot possibly ever adopt again. That may be true, and it may also be that with some support your grief may be more manageable.

Perhaps you can heal from heart-break and open your heart to love again — and save another life!

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