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It feels like being adopted!

Updated: Mar 20

Hello, welcome, to Shel Graves Animal Consulting!  Image Description: Close up photo of a smiling woman wearing an "Adoption is Enchanting" t-shirt by Compassion Company.

I’ve been working in rescue for the past six years. The rescue I worked at prided itself on taking some of the most difficult cases—dogs, cats, and farmed animals who had experienced trauma, abuse, and neglect. They’d already experienced the worst humans could be, so I made it my mission to show them the best.  While I was there many people asked me if I would do private training for their animal companions. I always said, "No". I was busy learning as much as I could and doing as much as I could to help the rescued animals during their stay and to help them transition to adoptive homes. lt took all of my focus, love, and passion! I learned a lot doing this work about how to make animals’ lives better. There are many things I now do for my own dogs and cats, that I wish I would have known about and done for my previous fearful dogs and senior dogs and cats. Now, as Shel Graves Animal Consulting, I’d like to share this with you and the animals in your life.  I’ve worked with scared shepherds, rambunctious pitbulls, and bitey, little, fluffy dogs. I’ve worked with shy and spicy cats. I’ve been there for the birth and end of life of pigs and goats. I like to say going out into the world with this knowledge feels like being adopted—it’s an exciting time filled with possibility and hope. I look forward to working with you and your chosen, rescue, furry family!

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