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With Gratitude: World Veterinary Day

Today is World Veterinary Day celebrating those who care for animal health.

I like how the statement from the World Veterinary Association mentions that the application of veterinary science contributes to humans’ physical, mental and social well-being as well. 

World Veterinary Day: A veterinarian in scrubs holding a Corgi dog.

Our lives are interconnected and the animals in our homes and communities take up a big place in our hearts. The theme of World Veterinary Day is "veterinarians are essential health care workers". Yes, and they are essential humans.

The veterinary field is a difficult profession and there aren’t enough of them. Veterinarians who provide spay and neuter services and choose to work in rescues and shelters are heroes.

I am particularly grateful for those who practice some unique specialities.

Those who:

Extreme gratitude goes out to those who provide emergency services like Diamond Veterinary Hospital and Veterinary Specialty Center of Seattle.

More gratitude goes out to eye specialists, cancer specialists, neurologists, and dermatologists. I’ve seen each of those services save lives and heal hearts.

Fear Free: Taking the pet our of petrified. A human hand extending to a happy-looking, open mouthed dog and a hand placed on a happy cat. Red hearts.

I am extremely grateful for Fear Free Veterinary Practices like Mercer Island Veterinary Clinic and Fairhaven Veterinary Hospital and Fear Free Professionals and the movement to change the standard of care and take the “pet” out of petrified. The idea that animals can have veterinary visits in ways that reduce their fear, anxiety, stress, and frustration is a powerful one. Find a Fear Free Certified Practice or Professional near you.

I am proud to be a Fear Free Certified Trainer. If your cat or dog has anxiety about going to vet visits or some part of the visit such as getting into a crate, stepping on the scale, having ears looked at, or blood draws this is something I can help with. Start by booking an initial consult here.

I’m happy to announce that Shel Graves Animal Consulting has joined the Fear Free Coaching Network ready to help veterinary practices and other pet care service professionals add Fear Free practices to their businesses. 

There aren't enough of us in this world who care deeply for animals as the sentient beings deserving of compassion that they--and we--are. For those doing this work, may you be confident, at ease, playful, and safe. May you be supported, acknowledged, and encouraged. Know that you are doing the best you can and it is enough. May you be well.

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